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The Writers Guild [Now Recruiting]
Welcome to the group Top. Smile
Hope to see some of your creative stories on SF soon.
I might come take a look at this once I reach 100 posts.
lol dude looks like you have reached 100 posts
[Image: 3dtextven0mhf.png]
Name: Mr.Kewl
Highest level of Education:SSC
Your contributions to the Creative Writing section:Not yet, But will be contributing soon.
Your contributions to Support Forums:I'v made High quality threads in SF, Always helping everyone.
I feel honored to say I have a sticky in SF.
Why you want to join The Writers Guild:I want to be a good writer.
Will you be active in the Creative Writing section?:Obviously.
Do you plan to post more tutorials, guides, etc.?:Yes.

If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Welcome to the group Mr. Kewl. Smile
I'm looking forward to see some posts from you in the Creative Writing section.
I will be posting there much for sure sir.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.

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