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OnlineGamers [Now Recruiting]
Group Name: OnlineGamers
Group Image: [Image: fx9zlw.png] made by Infinity
Group Mission: Everything gaming ^^

Membership Requirements:
  • 50+ Posts
  • Gaming in mind
  • Active user

  • NekoChan
  • Active Spot
[Image: Nyan.jpg]
Hey, good luck with your group. I'm going to have to decline, but I'll help you get your 10 members.
Never actually seen you post in the gaming section but maybe I just missed your posts.
Anyway I'll join as I'm a very active gamer Big Grin

Although I wouldn't have selected that icon, it does suit the text colours though.
[Image: burninglove4.png]
I do enjoy gaming, although I haven't done much lately due to college.

I'll join though.
(09-10-2010, 07:13 AM)Pink Floyd Wrote: Hey, good luck with your group. I'm going to have to decline, but I'll help you get your 10 members.

Aww why decline?

Others accepted.
[Image: Nyan.jpg]
Great group i will like to join.
And i think group name isn't right.
Name it gamers or psycho gaming or something.
Online thing is confusing.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
I was inactive for some time as i had school and other irl stuff to do but now i'm back. I want to join this group because i love games and i bought a gamer PC few months ago and it pwnz all (:
[Image: 2dmd5j.png]
As long as we don't have to be an active game player anymore, I am down for talking about games and what not. Smile
My informational thread on how to become HQ
[Image: 3af27e76.png]
"An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind"
The red text is not acceptable in your group image. Please redo it only with the colors I've listed in the FAQ.
Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
Orange #FF9900
Green #679934
Yellow #FFFF00
Light Blue #00FFFF
Pink #FF00FF

I have listed list of allowed colors to be used.
But omni red also looks nice.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]

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