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Youtube Crew - Now Recruiting
Group Name: Youtube Crew
Group Image: [Image: sfgroupbackgroundcopy.jpg]
Group Mission: To share knowledge about Youtube and help others reach success for their channels and videos.
Membership Requirements: A Youtube account, and 50 posts on SF, and the interest in sharing videos and growing our members channels.
Is this gonna be an official group? I'd help make it happen.
[Image: QRCjW2pNdRK00.gif]
I'd apply but there isn't really an application.

But I do have a Youtube account and 50 posts.
Is this an official group? I might want to join once I get 50 posts.
[Image: icyrj.png]
I'd like to join this, thanks! Smile
I have a youtube channel and also 50 posts as of this post
I would love to see some members in this team to gain knowledge about youtube Oui
[Image: Z95Xp.png]
I have 50 posts and one yt acc i hope i will be in the group.
Is this an official group? I might want to join once I get 50 posts.
I'd like to join. Smile
My youtube accounts:

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