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[Suggestion] "View Your Posts"
Here is my take on this.
Staff and mods often have these such links available to them. To allow them to view new members posts etc.
The reason for them is the same as the reason for members. To make navigation and replies easier.
If it does not load up the server then i dont see why it cant be added?
I think as a side note. To need such a tool is indicative of a very active forum.
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I think this is a good feature, and DOES save a lot of time. With that being said, I do think that it clutters things up, and isn't exactly the most attractive. I have no problems with just bookmarking the "View All Posts" thread, for now.
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Guys, simply set it in your options to subscribe without notification to every topic you post in, and then bookmark your "thread subscriptions" page, which can be found in the User CP. It makes keeping up with threads you have posted in way easier.
I think it's easier to see where you posted on this forum then on HF. I finally found out how to use it on HF, but now I won't be using it til 8/10 :p

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