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fix rep flaming [idea]
instead of writing for a rep it should have an option,

good seller
good buyer
posts infected downloads
good member
flames other members

it should be like how you report a post, it gives you a choice of what to do.
Uh, I disagree. There are just so many reasons that you might want to rep someone. In my opinion it's impossible to place them all into a reasonable amount of categories.

By the way, the report function doesn't give you any options on this site.
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Doesn't matter now as rep is currently disabled.
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currently... and i didnt know about the report on this site, i was used to hf
This coming from the guy that -repped me for reporting him asking to trade +reps to a mod.
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For fudge sake, stop the damn rep whores, it really winds me up people asking for reps, on HF i repped very few people. And i don't ask for Reps. . . .
Great idea. i see that omni remove the rep system. Lets see whats gonna happen
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