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Best Sitcom/TV Show
<3 Burn Notice.
(02-14-2010, 12:41 AM)Omniscient Wrote: Friends sucks.

My fav now is 30 Rock. Sunny in Philadelphia is also fantastic.

Some other favs...a few are oldies but still goodies.
The Odd Couple
All in the Family
Curb Your Enthusiasm (brilliant show)
South Park
The Honeymooners (the original classic sitcom)

I LOVE 30 Rock. Tina Fey did an amazing job with it. Big Grin
Sienfield is also good, we have the box set of all the seasons. Smile
At the top will be the same place you hang from.
I watched many tv shows and other shows when I was a kid.
Tom and Jerry
America's funniest videos
Unsolved Mysteries
Rescue 911
48 hours
Myth Busters, i just got seasons 1-6.
I also got the complete series of "City of Men" or "Cidade dos Homens" 1-5 , they also made a movie that completes the series.
Highly recommend watching it if you can handle subtitles, the spoken language is Portuguese.

The Office [USA]
Favorite TV shows

The Office
Big Bang theory
Two and a Half Men
The best show I've watched has to be Breaking Bad without a doubt.
It has the best storyline and the best plot, and every episode is suspenseful and fun to watch. I recommend it to everyone.
George Lopez, Two and a Half Men, Storage Wars.
I've took a look at Entourage.
Since then I don't enjoy watching anything else, the Show is simply amazing...
Like Sex & City for men... Big Grin
And not to forget Jeremy Piven in his role of Ari Gold, he killed it...
Glad to see him again on TV..
I like do not watch that much TV but the shows that I do watch are--
2.Being Human
3.Family Guy
And that's about it Thumbsup
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