Poll: Best TV Show/Series?
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Prison Break
3 37.50%
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1 12.50%
Greys Anatomy
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1 12.50%
Warehouse 13
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Doctor Who
2 25.00%
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Top Best TV Show?
Well here's a collection of some of the amazing TV series I've seen on Netflix. I want to see how many of you have seen them too and to vote for them with a poll, but don't forget to post why you voted for the chosen one. Also, I'm open for suggestions, I'll be looking for something to watch after Physc.
  • Weeds
  • Prison Break
  • Nikita
  • Physc
  • Greys Anatomy
  • Dexter
  • Warehouse 13
  • Torchwood
  • Doctor Who
  • Breaking Bad
  • The Walking Dead

If it's not on the Poll just vote with text, I can't edit the poll.
I will probably be adding more as I remember them so don't forget to keep checking back.
It's not on this list but Breaking Bad for me has been one of my favourite TV shows recently.

It's about this placid father who is a chemistry teacher for a local high school. Long story short, he finds out he has cancer and wants to use his knowledge of chemistry to brew 100% pure cocaine to make some money for his family before he passes away. He teams up with some ex students and they turn into these kingpin drug lords after tons of screw ups.
Ahh thanks for reminding me, I forgot about that one. I never really got into it that much though. It got interesting when he took the fake meth into that druggies flat and blew the place up LMFAO. Never really followed it for that much after that.
Also another recommendation is The Walking Dead.
Blur from IMDB : "Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies. "

I basically sat down and watched the entire first series in one sitting. It starts off sort of slow in the first episode but picks up the pace by the second episode.

I kind of don't want to recommend it also, since the third series isn't going to be airing until October and waiting for a show you like is a bitch.
I forgot that one too HAHA, there's so many shows I've seen that I can't remember so I didn't add them in.
Aside from most of the other ones you've listed this is my entire TV show list:

True Blood
The Big Bang Theory
The Inbetweeners

PS: This thread is basically now just a list of all my shows. Big Grin

Haha, you seem to be the only poster in this thread so yeah it seems that way lol. +I agree with you on The Inbetweeners but it's not on Netflix unfortunately!

Ooh friend!
It's not on Netflix, but The Big Bang Theory is a great show.. And just flat out hilarious. I think Zangetsu mentioned it too.

Psych, I think you misspelled it in the original thread, but I love that show too.. I've been watching it since the release, 4-5 years ago. Weeds is a really good show too.. I just hate the mom in that show, she is like the main character but I don't care.. She annoys the piss outta me for some reason.

Also, House.. I haven't been watching the new season, but that use to be my show. I've watched each episode at least twice, aside from the new season.

Edit; I voted for Psych, that show is really funny. Big Grin
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(01-02-2012, 05:47 AM)BreShiE Wrote: Haha, you seem to be the only poster in this thread so yeah it seems that way lol. +I agree with you on The Inbetweeners but it's not on Netflix unfortunately!

Ooh friend!

Normally when I'm looking for a TV show I just type "watch <title> online", you can usually find a good website within the first or second page.

Website that you could use for inbetweeners is
I picked Dexter, but Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead are also very good dramas. The Inbetweeners is incredibly funny.

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