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Best Sitcom/TV Show - Gaijin - 02-03-2010

What was or is the best show you've watched...

My Personal favourite, above all is ofcourse, Friends...
The show was amazing, and I still watch it on my DVD collection ;)

Besides that, I also like the Heroes, a really good idea and it pretty well done imo...

And not to forget, It's always sunny in Philadelphia....
Synny is an awesome sitcom and I enjoy every second watching it...

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - cheeseburger - 02-03-2010

Six Feet Under:


Forensic Investigators:


RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - Gaijin - 02-04-2010

^^ Six Feet Under is c0ol...
I don't really watch the show, but when I do I like it...

I also forgot to put, Dexter, on my list...

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - Jordan L. - 02-04-2010

Dexter is pretty good.
I like Burn Notice; that's good.

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - Gaijin - 02-04-2010

Ohh yeah, Burn Notic, I liked that show but then I stopped watching it..
Just misseed it every time....

I also like, Veronica Mars... which also reminds of another one, OC California

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - uber1337 - 02-05-2010

I <3 Friends, I have the dvd too lol. It's a really good show all around. Great story line, hilarious characters, etc.

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - cheeseburger - 02-06-2010

My fave animated sitcom thing to watch at the moment is Daria.
I have the complete series downloaded so been watching that.


RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - Fiendanyl - 02-13-2010

My favorite sitcom is/ was Scrubs.

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - ccalby - 02-13-2010

Eastenders Smile its better than coronation street and I just love it Smile

RE: Best Sitcom/TV Show - Omniscient - 02-14-2010

Friends sucks.

My fav now is 30 Rock. Sunny in Philadelphia is also fantastic.

Some other favs...a few are oldies but still goodies.
The Odd Couple
All in the Family
Curb Your Enthusiasm (brilliant show)
South Park
The Honeymooners (the original classic sitcom)