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Cloud VPS required
Hey dudes,
need a reliable host offering VPS hosting with server managing: 4 gb ram, 80 gbs of SSD, 1 tb bandwidth, Linux.
There are many web hosts out there in the hosting services market. What host is better?
Do you know anything about Cloud VPS hosting?
I've been using OpenVZ VPS for more than a year and they are excellent. I've never had a problem with them.
Got SSL certificate and IP address from them at minimal cost. The best hosting provider I've ever experienced by a long way.
VPS accounts from and can be quite right for you.
They are very reliable hosting companies. The support staff is professional, the servers are well maintained, and most importantly, the companies take their customers with respect.
The KVM 1G plan (1GB of RAM) for only 2.5Euros monthly. Give VPS a try. They also allow integrated email communication with their support tickets which is a time saver.
#5 offers wide range of server locations and therefore can be considered as good solution.
Take your time to look at Ryzen VPS hosting solutions. Super-fast NVMe Drives.
They have a really good control panel where you can manage a lot more aspects of your webserver than with most other hosting providers.
I used
Price is really affordable.
No issues, no problems. Everything works as Swiss watch.

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