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Why you should think twice about using Google Chrome
Google chrome has huge privacy issues, they see EVERY key you even type in the search bar, even if you don't send it.
I didn't know chrome had any vulnerabilities.
Thought Google would make it like a security lockdown...
I love Google Chrome but thanks for the heads up!
Every single browser has bugs, and i'm still gonna use chrome..
From the time of the OP, I feel Chrome has improved a lot and is now my preffered browser.
[Image: GFx11-1.png]
(07-17-2011, 12:16 PM)TheBlackNight Wrote: From the time of the OP, I feel Chrome has improved a lot and is now my preffered browser.

Agreed, it has gone through many stages of improvement, and now it is my main browser. I Used to use safari, but I love the interface of Chrome.
Sorry for any typos, I usually browse the web on my iPad.
To be honest with you. I have always used Firefox and I probably always will. I do not like the fact that you can not set it so that Google Chrome opens in private mode when you start it up and I find Firefox very fast compared to Google Chrome.
Wow. This must of been when G.C. was first released but it's the best browser now there is. Smile
I like opera most all features are inbuilt and opera is less memory hogger than chome.
Don't try to act smart... i am smarter than you...Ninja
mozzila firefox rules!

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