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Chrome Commands
Hey everybody today I want to share with you some of the commands for chrome.

about:cache - List of all the web pages cached.
about:dns - Prefetch-ed DNS records.
about:histograms - List of histograms of internal metrics.
about:internets - Chrome's Easter egg.
about:network - Used for I/O tracking
about:plugins - Your installed plugins.
aboutConfusedtats - A list of internal counters and timers
about:version - Shows the version number the browser, WebKit and
JavaScript V8 engine
about:blank – the empty page
about:net-internals – network information including Proxy, HostResolver, URLRequest, HTTPCache and SocketStream
about:crash – The crashed tab page.
about:credits – list of libraries and other code used in Chrome, with links
about:memory – Displays the memory usage.
about:terms – Google Chrome Terms of Service
about:inducebrowsercrashforrealz – Makes Chrome Crash
chrome://extensions/ – Displays your currently installed extensions
chrome://history/ – Displays your web history
chrome://newtab – Shows the new tab page
chrome://thumb/[URL] – thumbnail for a page you’ve visited
chrome://favicon/[URL] – favicon for a page you’ve visited
view-cache:[URL] - Shows you the cache details
view-source:[URL] - Shows the source code.
chrome://net-internals - Ask Ace I have no idea xD
Enjoy! Thumbsup
Very helpful if u use chrome Tongue wish FF ad something like this but meh will tryy it when i get on desktop only comp with chrome on it
Marda Superman
I forgot one but it only works for Mac (about:labs) it can change or activate some stuff that is hidden in chrome such as open tab feature on left side.
Thanks I like goggle chrome so these will come in handy!!
[Image: pughacking.png]
Thanks these will be very useful. Although perhaps they should have been posted in the Web Browser Help section.
(08-29-2010, 08:47 AM)Fragma Wrote: Thanks these will be very useful. Although perhaps they should have been posted in the Web Browser Help section.
Holy crap I didn't even know we had a section for that o.O cool well now we just need a Mod to move it >.<
I have requested it to be moved. Thanks again for the share.
Thanks and Glad you liked it Big Grin
Extremely helpfun man, thanks for posting this!
I housntly didnt know about any of these Smile
Thank heaps bro Smile
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