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Emotional Helpers [Official Group] -Closed!
Welcome to the official EH recruitment thread. If you have any questions then please PM me.

Group Leaders:
  • Sam
  • BlackChaos
EH Applications
Please read the requirements below, if you want to apply then copy and paste the template from the code box and reply to this thread. Before applying please read the basic requirements set by Omniscient. We also set our own requirements that depend on whether or not your application is accepted or denied, read them below:
  • A minimum of 100 posts.
  • Respect and maturity to all members
  • Activity in the ESS
  • Quality posts around the whole forum, especially the ESS
  • An ability to effectively give advice, good communication and listening skills are essential
  • A genuine strive to help members as much as possible

This is our current application form, code is located below the example:

Preferred subject to deal within the ESS:
How do you think you can contribute:
Main reason for wanting to join:
Can you remain active within ESS and EH:
Additional Information you'd like to submit:

[color=#FFA500][b]Preferred subject to deal within the ESS[/b][/color]:
[b][color=#FFA500]How do you think you can contribute[/color][/b]:
[color=#FFA500][b]Main reason for wanting to join[/b][/color]:
[color=#FFA500][b]Can you remain active within ESS and EH[/b][/color]:
[color=#FFA500][b]Additional Information you'd like to submit[/b][/color]:

Along with posting an application you have to submit a join request via the user CP. If you fail to do so your application will simply be ignored until you submit a request.

Thank you and behalf of all the members I wish you good luck on getting accepted.

Group Disclaimer! (Click to View)

If you have any further questions or problems then please send me a PM and I will respond as quickly as I can.
You spelt sensitive wrong. Tongue
I'll join if you want, I always try to give good support.
[Image: burninglove4.png]
Thanks, the spell checker played up.

I wouldn't say no to you Untouch. You're great at offering support when you can give it.
I'm pretty rubbish at offering emotional support so I won't apply.

Good luck with everything.
Thanks for you support anyway
I'll join if you think I could be an asset.
Well i am new here and i don't deserve a place there now.
When i do some good work then i will apply.
Good luck and great wishes.
Great userbar.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
I can't accept you guys yet but become a tad more active and known and I will.

Thanks for the userbar compliment, the first thing I've ever made.
Well I just started posting in that section recently, but sure! If you need me, I'll join Smile
My informational thread on how to become HQ
[Image: 3af27e76.png]
"An eye for an eye and the whole world would be blind"
Robb your a quality member and i've seen some great posts from you so I'll accept you too.

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