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SF Coders Official Group [Applications: OPEN!]
Welcome to the SF Coders recruitment thread. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to leave a comment!

Group Leaders:
  • Ace
  • BreShiE

Please take note that some of these are the default requirements and some are made by the leaders of SFC.
  • At least 120 posts
  • Ability To Code (will need proof)
  • Must Be Friendly
  • Decent level of grammar
  • Ability to help members without getting angry or losing your temper

Group Image:

(Thanks Fragma for letting me use this)
[Image: grouptag.png]

The Form:

[color=#32CD32][b]What Can You Code:[/b][/color]
Answer Here

[b][color=#32CD32]Favorite Coding Language:[/color][/b]
Answer Here

[color=#32CD32][b]Will You Give Support To Fellow Coders:[/b][/color]
Answer Here

[color=#32CD32][b]How Many Hours Per Week Can You Be On:[/b][/color]
Answer Here

Answer Here

[b][color=#32CD32]Proof Of Your Coding Abilities:[/color][/b]
Answer(s) Here

Our Goal:

The goal of SFC (SF Coders) is to create a unique group of coders who are willing to support and bring amazing content to this forum, we are looking for the best of the best, although it doesn't matter how good you are, it's not a requirement.


Once accepted into the group, for any program you release on this forum, you have to use the official banner. (see subforum).

Please do NOT at ANY time apply via the User CP, all applications here are monitored, and if you're accepted, you shall be contacted via PM and added in.


We withhold the right to deny an application without any reason at all, although you will be notified weather you're rejected or accepted.

We may also remove you at any time without reason, although this should never happen.

I'd like to take my time to thank Omni for making our group official!

(09-26-2011, 03:05 PM)Omniscient Wrote: This will be setup today for you BreShiE along with a private forum.

Thank you and everyone for being patient on this.
Sweet dude, don't know a thing about coding so can't join yet Tongue Wish you best of luck though! Smile

Thank-you very much man. Big Grin

Need to get those 10 members so I can contact Omni about making it official. Big Grin
Maaaaan, I so wanted to be the first member....anyways I'll try to learn SOMETHING in coding and get better at it. And THEN join, but I'm actually learning graphics first since I decided like a month ago to do it. Big Grin

That's fair enough, you want to look at the GFX Elites group. Big Grin
What Can You Code:
I code HTML, Some PHP, MC Java, VB6, And learning CSS.

Favorite Coding Language:
Probably VB6

Will You Give Support To Fellow Coders:
Yes I will try my best too.

How Many Hours Per Week Can You Be On:
A lot till the 25. Then school starts.

Proof Of Your Coding Abilities:
I haven't got much work done lately as I'm a webmaster and I've helped my friends get there sites running.
Coder | Skype: EleganceHF | AIM: Chief
CaptainFX, does that Minecraft program really work or do you use it to infect people?
It jacks accounts. I made it for my friend. I don't use it.
Coder | Skype: EleganceHF | AIM: Chief
Would you like to go on TeamViewer with me so I know it works?

If it works and you can prove you made it, you're in.
Yea sure. I'll message you my info.
Coder | Skype: EleganceHF | AIM: Chief

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