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New Group - Aces
Group Name: Aces
Group Image: [Image: 5WjLK.png]
Group Mission: To provide quality. This is what Support Forums strives to be: a forum where you can go to look for mature and contributional opinions and discussions. This group will give new members a set of people to look up to and strive to become, and current members an incentive to work hard to become a member of the Aces.

I'm totally aware it may seem like a group for older members to circle jerk, but it couldn't be farther from that. The group is not for elitists who want the title so they can feel superior to other members, especially newer ones. Instead, the group is for members who have been on Support Forums for an extended period of time that are responsible enough to be role models for members, especially newer ones.

You might be thinking: "Yeah...well we have staff for that." Sure, that point can be argued. Staff usually are the role models for a forum, and that is one of the reasons they are staff. They know how Support Forums is run and how to be someone to look up to. But their job is still their job, and that job is to moderate the forums and clean up spam. Our job, our group mission, is to be that same idol but with one big difference. The difference is we strive to contribute positively whenever we can. Any tutorial that is missing; we'll write it. Any problem a member is having; we'll try our best to solve it. That is our job description. Any member can do this, yes. Any staff member can do this, yes. But we are expected to.

We will organize contests such as "Best Tutorial of the Month" where people vote on the best tutorial of a specific month. We'll have referral contest where members will receive prizes if they refer "x" amount of users who get "y" amount of posts in a specified period of time. Small things like this to keep Support Forums feeling alive and to make people love being here and hate being away, that's the mission right there.

Membership Requirements:
  • 500 posts
  • Minimum 1 year of membership
  • Extensive knowledge in at least one area discussed on SF

Why these requirements? The 500 posts is set because I'd like members of the Aces to meet the requirements to have their own group before being able to join this one. Minimum of 1 year of membership is pretty self-explanatory; a lot happens in a year, and I'd like you to witness a full year of Support Forum's growth. Any less and you still haven't seen enough, in my opinion. As for the extensive knowledge in one topic on SF, this is for future plans I have to assign members to certain areas of the forum. These areas include any topic discussed on SF and multiple people can be assigned one area. There is few requirements because all applicants will be judged on an individual basis. You can meet the requirements and still be declined. This group can be rather difficult to get into. Personal grudges, if any at all, will be disregarded when you're application is being reviewed. Once more members join, there will be more people to vote on your application. Everybody is one mind and makes one decision. There is no "leader" of the Aces, in that sense.

First Name:
Area of Knowledge:
Why would you like to join:
In your own words, who are the Aces:

If there is no interest in a group like this, I understand. My intentions are only positive and I hope to see success in this group, in turn see Support Forums become a better place.
I was expecting it to be a funny joke at first, but a group like this would be kind of cool to have. Like a leadership group in essence, I like the idea.
Good to see someone taking action on my suggestion! Can't wait to see the development of this group.
This group seems like a good idea for a new group.

First Name: Anders
Age: 16
Area of Knowledge: Graphics, Coding and Forums like MyBB and vBulletin.
Why would you like to join: I like helping people other and I really like to make tutorials that people learn something from.
In your own words, who are the Aces: A group for dedicated tutorial makers and active HQ members.

I know I don't have 500 Posts but I have been a member since 2010, and I really like the forum Smile
My profession, you can call me a pothead, 'nuff said
I actually really like this idea. Just so long as the group is very very hard to get into.
I'll apply this afternoon.
This looks like an awesome group, very good application requirements love to see this as an official group.
[Image: image.php]
I think requirements for everything else with the exception of the post count and the member for 1 year requirement of course, should be decided based on user impressions from today, and into the future. Just to give everyone a fresh start, and to make sure that no one gets in just right away.
Wouldn't mind that either. 1 Year's registration could cause me some problems.
(01-13-2012, 01:56 AM)AceInfinity Wrote: I think requirements for everything else with the exception of the post count and the member for 1 year requirement of course, should be decided based on user impressions from today, and into the future. Just to give everyone a fresh start, and to make sure that no one gets in just right away.

That makes sense. I mentioned "personal grudges" will be disregarded when people are being checked out, but yeah an open mind will always be kept when looking at an app. Anybody who replies won't even be considered until there are 10 applicants, but I'll be making sure they continue being role models if they were in the past.
Perhaps the 1 year registration is a bit too much. - 500 posts is great and then once that is achieved members should be judged on their own merit. Even have current members suggest new users or vote on accepting new members?

First Name: Sam
Age: 19
Area of Knowledge: Site, Tech, Emotional Support & Web development.
Why would you like to join: I've allways wanted to see a group like this, something quite 'exsclusive' that rewards members being high quality.
In your own words, who are the Aces: Dedicated, mature and responsible members who strive to keep SF a friendly, active and a high quality place.

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