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Geek Squad [Now Recruiting]
(09-11-2010, 04:24 AM)Untouch Wrote: Looks like this will be the first new group to launch Big Grin

We need one more Omg

Edit: Actually two more because I don't count
Hope we will get two geeks.
As geeks group need intellgent geeks.
Good luck.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
I'll see if I can find 2 people.
Reminder: the 10 aren't automatically in the group, I will be picking some from the 10.
Yups right thing remember never ruin geek prestige.
Make a apitude test or something as requirment.
We need studious lads.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
Better pick me Mad
I think after I get 10 people who want to join and create the group I'll have an application thread where people can post their experience etc.
Make a test or something or experience is good idea also.
But please never accept undeserving member even if they are respected on hf.
Geek's reputation.
[Image: 2zszdd5.png]
I will join this group. I have a vast majority of knowledge with computers and I am an active member on this forums.
Ok, only 1 more member who wants to join so I can create this, then the application process.

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