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Full Version: How to Choose Staff Members
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How to Choose Staff Members
An original guide by Gerald311441

Every forum needs staff, they are the members of the forum who do the tasks which help it stay alive and ensure that the members of the site have the best and most convenient experience as possible. However, certain types of staff members are better for different jobs and this guide will show you how to choose an appropriate job for staff members.
Four Types of Staff:
1. Aggressive - These staff members make the best moderators. They look for spam and they ban the members immediately and will not question their judgement.
2. Weak - Do not do lots of banning, they like to give lots of "final warnings" and are pushed around by vandalous users. These staff members should be put toward the development of the forums website.
3. Social - These are the big members of the forum with the most posts and the highest reputation. They are the member every user likes and has a good time with. These staff members are best put in a position where they would be dealing with people such as the position of support or suggestions.
4. Unsocial - These users do a lot for the site, but are not very well known. They do not get along with other users and despite their high posts have low reputation. These staff members are best used to be put to the development of the website.

How can you tell what kind of staff member your users are?
Check out their posts, it may take some time but look through all of their posts and you can easily see what kind of person they are.

Thanks for reading my tutorial, leave your comments as a reply and check for some other tutorials I will be posting soon.
Nice Thread
I like it
Thats one great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it.
(05-15-2010, 03:34 PM)Control Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Thread
I like it

Glad you liked it, I thought that people would like to know a little information about how to choose staff members rather than just choosing random users with high posts.

(05-15-2010, 03:39 PM)Rozzy Wrote: [ -> ]Thats one great tutorial. Thanks for sharing it.
No problem, stay on the lookout for future tutorials I'll be posting.
Not really a tutorial, or a way to hire new staff. It just seems like a way to categorize current ones.
Quote:An original guide by Gerald311441
It's a guide, and yes it can help you because it shows you what jobs to assign to different prospective staff members.
umm..nice one..i think i belong to the first group...
BAN >>>BAN >>>
A post about how to develop these staff characteristics would be good. Each can learn from the others.
It's not simple like that. But tutorial it's ok.
I agree with above ^
Its not that simple, the guide is really short for such a extensive topic, and you usually can't select staff based on a tutorial, it should come from your gut.
But, this should help most members, since most of the starting up forums I've been on have had their sites hack by... the staff.
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