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Full Version: How to Choose Staff Members
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Thanks one of the decent tutorial, thanks for the share.
All of those are the excact requirements I look for in a staff.
I am like that too. I basically lurk around in market sections
seeing if everything is where it should be and etc. Although
this is an amazing tutorial and the layout matches perfectly so
users can read it clearly.
Thanks guys, I haven't checked this thread in a while but it's good to know that yall liked it! Smile
I like how you separated it into four categories. I would definitely rate myself as aggressive Evilgrin
Nice thread it was an easy helpful guide.
I'm a aggressive staff member but I do lurk in the background and most people never realize I'm around.
Would it be possible to be 2 in that category, because I think I would fit "Social" and "Aggressive". Activity, helpfulness, a showcase of respect and responsibility all lead to being a "Social" as far as I know. But you can be "Aggressive" at the same time based on your categories.

I would have to say this isn't a best definition or recognition of the types of staff out there. As any one of them can be Aggressive.

The best category of a staff member should include the qualities of Leadership, Fairness, Confidence (not arrogance), Friendliness, Respect, and those who have a better sense of responsibility, priorities and time management. Activity on the forum is just a beginning reference before you look at all of the qualities.
This is a HQ tutorial for this i love it! thanks sir Big Grin
You've put these types of people into the correct category my friend.
I would've never thought to do this, and to me this makes complete sense.
Very nice guide.
Simple thread but yet to the point. Excellent staff is hard to find these days, but not impossible--not to mention worth the wait.
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