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The "Last Movie You Watched" Thread
How The Grinch Stole Christmas, watched it last night with my girl.
The last movie I watched was: "Step Brothers"
I watch it every Saturday night lol.


The last movie i watched was the newest mission impossible it was kinda good it was comedy and thriller so i liked that. 9/10
Mine was She out of your league.
[Image: Optimus-Prime.png]
District 9. I rewatched it after I read about it on the internet. Really great movie with a great ending. I'd give it a ten.
Last one was Forrest Gump. I actually had never watched it before. I rate it a 6/10.

The movie is a little entertaining but gets boring until the end, which is kind of sad (no spoiler intended).

Although I have to say Tom Hanks did an amazing job playing his character.
Last movie: Dark Knight Rises

Great ending to the Batman trilogy, really awesome movie.

9/10 (A bit long)
Feel free to PM about anything, I'm here to help.
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

8 / 10, an amazing money.
Watched MI:Ghost Protocol and Abduction last night, I've set my uTorrent client to download 5 more BlueRay 720p quality movies, some of them are:
- Born to Race
- District B13 Ultimatum
- Killer Elite
- 21 Jump Street
- Redline
I watched Pulp Fiction. Samuel Jackson is a baws at acting.

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