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Your last movie?
What was your last movie you watched?
mine was tokyo drift Smile
The last movie I watched was The Woman in Black which I thought was a good movie. I hope to see the original at some point along with reading the book.
The last I watched is 50 First Dates It really touched my heart, how caring a guy can get Smile
[Image: IYOy9.png]
I watched Mission Impossible 4, it was good but not better than the other 3 of MI

The last movie I watched was Immortals, which I found rather disappointing.
The last movie I watched was Lord of The Rings: The Return of the King. It's not the first time i've watched it, it's one of my favourite movies of all time. It's a great round-up to the LOTR series, which is far too short. I'm also a big fan of the games, LOTR:BFME2 (Battle for Middle Earth) for both PC and Xbox360 is an amazing RTS (real time strategy) game, if EA had any sense they'd bring out a third one.
Well the last movie I watched in the theater was The Woman In Black.
Abduction, just working on watching Columbiana right now Big Grin
A developer, thinker & bliss guy that tries his hardest to enjoy life ~~~
I watched The Woman In Black. Here are some funny things about the movie (Warning opening the spoiler could ruin the movie for you!)

I would honestly rate this movie a 6/10. It was overall good and of course they had to make the main character as stupid as possible because any normal person would have honestly left by the 1st supernatural event!
Mine is 2012. Watched on TV. That is the third time...

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