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Possible Bug?
I'm not sure what's up with this but I figured I would post something about it to see what the problem is. If it's normal then a mod can delete this thread.

I was looking at this profile when I saw the info on the left was reversed. I'm thinking it's more of just something with the account. Thanks for any input.
[Image: proof.jpg]
Someone did that to their account, it's not a bug, but more of a little exploitable feature that i've seen people do.

The information on the link to the profile you've provided is Billy Mays, and his information is not reversed though from what I see.
Oh okay. Thank you Ace. It was quite shocking when I saw it. Didn't know what was going on. This thread can be closed or deleted now.
Lol did you guys see his yahoo and aim screename?
He thinks hes a hacker ahaha

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