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(Released) Newest Track - "Only One Place In The World" [Created by Ace]
I'm just about finished another track, this one is big though, i've worked on this in the background for a while. At first I didn't know what to do with it, I had a couple great melodies put together in the piano roll in FL Studio, but I found the project laying around on my external drive, and started working on it a couple days ago. I worked on it over the entire night of mine yesterday, and I honestly didn't get any sleep lol. Not one hour of sleep I stayed at it until morning and been awake since. I'm pretty happy with the result though, I'm still fine tuning it, but i've been listening to it all day with my bass up full on the subwofer haha. I honestly think it turned out to be one of the best tunes I ever made...

I'll have a preview up soon, but i'm going to make it nice with an Adobe After Effects video too, so it'll be a few until it's up.

But for this one i'm actually thinking it'll be exclusive to the members on my forum. If you decide you want the download link to the track, you can support me by making 5 posts on my forum and signing up. Nothing much, but I didn't feel like reaping payments and money from people so i'm going to make an effort to help my forum out instead.

The preview will be in a youtube video I create, and only those members on my forum with 5+ posts i'll send a download link to. You will have to message me first though to get it once you meet the requirements. I hope you all will enjoy my new track though. Expect to see it soon.

I'll post up all the VST's that I used, and a detailed breakdown of the track for those music people interested too

Preview Available Here:
Finally released here:

Take a look, if you want the full download link, you'll have to make 5 posts on my forum first, then send me a PM. Otherwise you can just buy it for $1 USD directly from the site preview. All proceeds will just go towards my forum.
Nice sounding piece there bro.
Coder | Skype: EleganceHF | AIM: Chief
Sounds nice , good job bro. Nice share.

Offtopic - My IDM caught the song , downloading it.
Nice Techno beat! What did you make this in? FL Studio?
(08-27-2011, 12:33 AM)com975 Wrote: Nice Techno beat! What did you make this in? FL Studio?

This one was created in Ableton entirely

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