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New Trance Experimental Track - Feedback?

I started working on this just today, this is what I have down so far. I haven't done lots of trance, but I wanted to finish in a different style for this one. This is a kind of lighter feel of Trance. Almost more of an uplifting version.

Download available here for the preview:
not even one post for feedback but 15 views? lol
I downloaded FL studio, got confused and then closed the program.

Sounds great!

At 1:19 where the whole song type changes, needs some type of transition.

Maybe like a bass line that goes duh duh duh duh duh duh duh duh ?
Yeah, lol. I usually go about making a track by creating some kind of intro, a main part that sounds good for the climax, and by then I usually have an idea of what I want to do with the end of the track to finish it. Then I go back and do transitions. It's like lego for me, once I know what parts I have, I can start building the structure and make finer touches later on.

Now listening to it, that transitional kick in has too much "tok" over top of it. I'll filter that out a bit later also...

Check Out My Other Tracks as well Smile Finished ones
There was a similar one at facebook and I ignored that . Now , I again got the same and think i have to go wit once surely and it might be a good one for us.
(07-23-2011, 12:36 AM)emavatson Wrote: There was a similar one at facebook and I ignored that . Now , I again got the same and think i have to go wit once surely and it might be a good one for us.

Again, I can't quite understand you, you're posts are a bit hard to read. I don't use facebook though either
Anyone who want's the FLP for this project, i'm providing a download here, since i'm scrapping this one I think. I can't build on it much. I need a stronger base than this, so maybe this will help beginners out.


VST's I used:
-Pro-53 (backed with Nexus)
-I added Sylenth1, but that was over a test I added to the end

If you don't have those... And Pro-53 is great, but very hard to get (also not free), then just start out with a basic generator, and replace those plugins to be able to use my score. I created the scores myself, so please don't credit them as your own. I converted as much as I could to sound files so that you don't have to go searching for all of these effects.

Experiment with a bit of 3xOSC, I had a bit of luck with adding it over the top of the track as well. Basic FL generator, but very powerful. I use it in almost all of my hardstyle tracks, I might consider uploading a demo on how to use LFO with it, since i've been pretty bored for the last hour.

Fool around with that, maybe you can get it to work, create your own song on it, I don't care lol. If you use anything though give me some credit, whether it's just a mention of reference to me wherever you post it, or something completely dedicated to me.
I personally thought it sounded great. I like the beat that it has Big Grin
lol, I don't quite think so, you're probably a scammer wanting my credit card details or something, and even if you did send a picture of yourself, I don't understand why you think I would want it, you've posted the same thing on 33 other posts.

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