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How is that a sexual avatar?
It all depends on you're idea of sexual, for me sexual is anything showing, i.e: Cleavage, etc. Now I'm sure moms and dads will agree with me if their child is a quite young age, i.e: 13 etc, you'll not want them viewing these types of images, hence the suggestion.
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The avatar is not sexually revealing in my opinion and some emotional help involves sexual topics. Sex is a part of life, so besides nude and graphic images, it should not be banned. It would be filtering out a part of life.
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I totally agree with you, but if you've read the whole thread you will of read that I said I think there should be warning on forums that this involves sexual content, and as I made in my post before you that if you was a dad/mom and your son/daughter was looking at stuff like this you'll find it rather bad and disgusting, now I'm not saying you've got to agree with me on anything I just think you should think about it from a parents point of view.
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You seem women dressed like that in the street every day, you can't stop them. It's not sexual at all, teach your kids about human anatomy.
Well I agree with you but I'm just saying, I think it should be banned since most users are not likely to agree with your statement.
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You're the only member to ever bring this up, it seems they are.
Well I'm not saying everyone needs to agree with me, I'm stating the point that it can be classified as sexual and there on found disturbing.
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Sheesh, how old are you? It's just an avatar... The minors that are young and that stay in SF are very mature for their age. And it's only an avatar that does not even condone sexual activity. Yes it's just a picture of a girl posing. So what?

Quote:Now I think it does not matter if nothing is being revealed or not

Oh yes it does. What happens if someone just had an avatar of a girl, a body shot or something, and nothing revealing, just to use the picture to signify that the user is a girl? Will you still want that banned also?

Quote:It's inappropriate for users to view this sort of content

You're not reading the rules. If you did then you would had saw:

Omniscient Wrote:13. No adult image posting.

So there would be no sort of content on the forums. However, the thing you brought up was only an avatar. Nothing revealing.
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