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thanks button add?
Thanking someone is a sign of appreciation. Symbolizing it by adding it as a forum feature degrades its already undervalued importance.

I have nothing against a thanks button, but I think giving positive rep is better.
If you're complaining about having 100 posts in order to rep, just leaving an earnest comment is worth more than a hundred rep points. Atleast to me anyways Smile
I will never add such a feature.
Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
No, never, I will leave if this ever happen.
No, thanks just look ugly. It seems so unprofessional.
PM the Original Poster if you really appreciate the thread.
SupportForums for promotion!
Ehhh, it is a very debatable concept and feature. It is somewhat "improper/unprofessional" but besides that, I have nothing wrong with is. And I actually laughed at the post Omni put, he was so straight forward "I will never add such a feature."
[Image: t5BWm.png]
A Thanks button isn't needed. Just a genuine thanks in a thread or even a PM is enough for most members. Nice to see you contributing though Smile
We all have things we want to say, but not publicly. We all need help with them at one point. If you want a private conversation or seek private help, send me a PM.
I don't think we would need that, as stated above; Just reply in the thread saying 'Thanks' but add more to it, make sure the post is not low quality.
Worst suggestion ever.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Thanks is kinda the same as Reputation... Doesnt make any sense.

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