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150,000 Posts!
Good Job to all who are a member of this amazing forum SF Rockz
(01-12-2011, 07:52 PM)ImALovelyBoy Wrote: This is officially the 150,000th post here at Support Forums!

I'm pretty sure that this forum can be considered a huge success now, but sure, it'd be better if there were a few more active members here, but that doesn't take any value away from this great milestone that Support Forums and it's members have achieved here tonight!

Well done to everyone, and congratulations to Omniscient and all the Staff members who have helped Support Forums become the huge success it has become today!

And here, the screenshot:

[Image: 2iiigw3.jpg]

Lets hope we can keep it growing and growing,hope we can get it big like hack forums!

(01-13-2011, 01:04 PM)Princess otaku Wrote: Lets hope we can keep it growing and growing,hope we can get it big like hack forums!

It will some day. It's something about how Omni runs his forums.
Haha good job guys.
This forum is great and I'm sure it will continue to succeed. Omni wouldn't have it any other way. Tongue
Awesome. It's growing really fast!
Hopefully it will maintain it's level of quality as well, since this is a support forum, but it's doing great. Omni is good with forums. Once you get one forum going the rest can almost lead themselves on. It's more difficult just starting out, but this is still an impressive achievement.
This is good news. It wasn't too long ago when we reached 100,000. We're growing at a pretty decent rate. I also notice more members online as well. But that might just be because of the 60mins thing.
Yaaayyy ;)

What's the 60 mins thing? ;)
|| MSN = ||
Users online in the last 60mins rather than the last 15. Also I have nearly achieved 2,000 posts by myself Big Grin

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