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150,000 Posts!
This is officially the 150,000th post here at Support Forums!

I'm pretty sure that this forum can be considered a huge success now, but sure, it'd be better if there were a few more active members here, but that doesn't take any value away from this great milestone that Support Forums and it's members have achieved here tonight!

Well done to everyone, and congratulations to Omniscient and all the Staff members who have helped Support Forums become the huge success it has become today!

And here, the screenshot:

[Image: 2iiigw3.jpg]

A great accomplishment for SF. Hopefully we can continue the trend to keep growing.

Good job everyone!
Great job omni.
This is an outstanding accomplishment,
Omni should be proud of this site,
Party Time?
Lmao, great catch with the 150.000th post. And yes, Omni is probably proud Tongue
Ah omni already has a huge forum a HF i don't want to many people coming here, although this is a good milestone congratz to all of us!
[Image: bustedtees.07e3d5a3-8bf6-4c9a-8f85-5bccf2e28120.gif]
Big Grin So good Smile Great job there SF !
[Image: apoc.png]
Congrats to omni and everyone here at SF Big Grin
Yay. Good job to all the members and Omni.
[Image: 90a3c041ba67986bba73809142fc38db.png]
Good job to everyone!

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