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SF Webmasters
Nickname / Alias: BlackChaos/HRN
Webmaster knowledge : I judge myself as Advanced. I have had experience building and helping others create their own forums under the phpBB and myBB formats. As of now, my most successful forum to date has 5879 members, although I have handed over Administrator rights to other staff members. Currently, I am a staff member on a fairly new forum which has gained around 300 members over the past month.
I have also created a few blogs and websites over the years.
Why you want to join: I wish to improve upon my knowledge as a Webmaster and hopefully, share my experience and knowledge with others. I would love to learn more about website security, legal issues and tip on how to keep members from losing interest in a website/forum. Tongue
Nickname / Alias: Sykez
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Starter, I know how to install MyBB and I have moderated a few forums. I have yet to start my own forum.
Why you want to join: I wish to learn more about becoming a better webmaster also to discuss tips on b
I am gonna Apply for this after i get the Requirement.
I wish I did get this group open. Unfortunately OP hasn't been here for a month.

Does anyone else feel they can run this group successfully here?
Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
I think I could I do know that I do not post often on these forums but I definitely will i have just found them I am mostly on hackforums.
It's a shame the OP is no longer active, this seems like an amazing group to be in.
Would be very successful, as well. We'll just have to continue living their lives.
There must be someone in these 7 pages that can run it.
Nickname / Alias: Thespragg
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Guru, i own a web design company and own a few forums, i also know PHP and a few other languages
Why you want to join: Because i love being a webmaster, therefore i really want to be in this group
I don't have any knowledge on webmaster part Sad
So, I won't be applying for it,Good luck to the team Big Grin
[Image: Z95Xp.png]

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