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SF Webmasters - Recruitment Open : Update Read
Group name: SF Webmasters
Group image: [Image: sfgroupbackground.png]

Membership Requirements:
  • Fifty (50) posts
  • Webmaster skills - [Forum construction | Website construction | Hosting skills] etc

SF Webmasters strive to improve the skills and knowledge of others, and yourself, on website construction, forum construction, hosting skills, bug fixing, upgrading/downgrading, theme and template modification, forum management teams and much more.

Webmasters ensure high quality support for all members of, whether they are part of the group or not. As a member, you will have access to tutorials, tips, support and assistance of many subjects, whether it may be:
  • MyBB Installation
  • Theme and template modification
  • Bug detection
  • How to install plug ins
  • Choosing Staff members
  • Creation of rules
  • Legal issues
  • Best hosting for you
  • Tips and tricks (General)
  • Articles written by members
  • and much more
SF Webmasters aren't only for the experienced and advanced, it's for the beginners. As a group that is dedicated to assisting members, we welcome the amateurs, the experienced and the gurus.


Current Leader(s):

To join:
[color=#DAA520]Nickname / Alias:[/color]
[color=#DAA520]Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru):[/color]
[color=#DAA520]Websites you moderated(ing):[/color]
[color=#DAA520]Why you want to join:[/color]

If you are accepted you will be contacted through private messaging and will be added to the group.

Please do not apply via User CP, even if you are accepted.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Nickname / Alias:

Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru):
I'd have to say advanced, not quite sure what others would rate me at though.

Websites you moderated(ing):
  • (expired)

Why you want to join:
I've been waiting for this group for such a long time now. I've been a webmaster for around 2-3 years and I enjoy every moment I spend administrating websites. I'd love to share my knowledge with other members and hopefully learn something's myself.
Nickname / Alias: BlackChaos
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Advanced
Websites you moderated(ing):
and a few others which I would not like to reveal at this time.
Why you want to join: I am a budding webmaster and have much to teach as well as learn. I would like to join this group because I may be of some help to its future members. Smile
Nickname / Alias: Irreligious.
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Amateur.
Websites you moderated(ing): Most of them are not english, so I won't mention them here. I own a forum with 200k posts. [link here]
Why you want to join: I want to help this group.
Nickname / Alias: Nirmal
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Amateur
Websites you moderated(ing):
Why you want to join: I am really interested in joining as this looks seems like a chance to improve my webmaster skills Smile
After we reach 10 members, I'll pm you. We just need few members more.
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Nickname / Alias: ven0m
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Starter
Websites you moderated(ing): used to moderate
Why you want to join: I want learn and become a pro webmaster in future. Smile
[Image: 3dtextven0mhf.png]
Nickname / Alias: Simba / Android
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): I'd consider myself an Amateur since I did never owner a forum which would be classified as a big board.
Websites you moderated(ing):
  • Market Forums - I gone by the alias of Android. I was a staff member on there, but the forum hot shutdown.
  • XeroCore - Admin, but the site got shutdown as well, sadly.
  • Other forums which were actually mine, such as

Why you want to join: I'd love to join the group since I myself love webmastering. I always have the desire to learn more about it. Currently I'm learning CSS, and HTML in order to edit the MyBB themes accordingly.
[Image: 2dmd5j.png]
ven0m and Simba are accepted. Oui
If you are willing to join SF Webmasters.
Nickname / Alias: Philly
Webmaster knowledge (Starter/Amateur/Advanced/Guru): Guru
Websites you moderated(ing): Owner of
Why you want to join: Because I am webmaster, and admin of several websites, and forums.

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