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Who the heck am I?
My name is Jesse LaBrocca and I own this forum. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am 39 years old. I have 4 kids (2 sons,2 daughters) plus a very lovely wife.

I been a webmaster for over a decade and I have many websites but I mainly concentrate on forums. Some of you may actually be from one of my previous projects. I have a lot of experience with forums and have been told I am a good admin. I hope to serve this site well as the admin and to assist members daily with their problems.

For hobbies I like to watch movies, listen to music, play some racquetball and go to the casino. I am not a huge outdoors kind of guy but I love the fresh air. I party pretty well for an old-timer so if you are ever in Vegas and need a drinking buddy send me a PM. Oh also add Fantasy Football to my hobbies. A friend sucked me into it a few years ago and I love it.

Well that's enough about me. Please go post your own intro thread.

Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
Welcome to SF, Omniscient. Devlish
Welcome to your own forum mr. pancake lover
[Image: 29ol3br.png]
haha welcome to your own forum

I think you'll be a great addition to this forum, although nobody seems to know yo-

Just kidding ;)

Nice job on the forum Omni.
sooo who are you again? Smile
Welcome to our... your forum!!!
Lol, Welcome to SF.
Welcome LV lad.

You and I will be great buddies. SmileSmile
Welcome to SF!

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