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Who the heck am I? - Omniscient - 10-04-2009

My name is Jesse LaBrocca and I own this forum. I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am 39 years old. I have 4 kids (2 sons,2 daughters) plus a very lovely wife.

I been a webmaster for over a decade and I have many websites but I mainly concentrate on forums. Some of you may actually be from one of my previous projects. I have a lot of experience with forums and have been told I am a good admin. I hope to serve this site well as the admin and to assist members daily with their problems.

For hobbies I like to watch movies, listen to music, play some racquetball and go to the casino. I am not a huge outdoors kind of guy but I love the fresh air. I party pretty well for an old-timer so if you are ever in Vegas and need a drinking buddy send me a PM. Oh also add Fantasy Football to my hobbies. A friend sucked me into it a few years ago and I love it.

Well that's enough about me. Please go post your own intro thread.


RE: Who the heck am I? - Kaotic - 10-04-2009

Welcome to SF, Omniscient. Devlish

RE: Who the heck am I? - Kharnage - 10-04-2009

Welcome to your own forum mr. pancake lover

RE: Who the heck am I? - R3c0nna1ssanc3 - 10-04-2009

haha welcome to your own forum

RE: Who the heck am I? - Neo - 10-04-2009


I think you'll be a great addition to this forum, although nobody seems to know yo-

Just kidding ;)

Nice job on the forum Omni.

RE: Who the heck am I? - QBANBOY407 - 10-04-2009

sooo who are you again? Smile

RE: Who the heck am I? - Idiot #1 - 10-04-2009

Welcome to our... your forum!!!

RE: Who the heck am I? - Gos - 10-04-2009

Lol, Welcome to SF.

RE: Who the heck am I? - Dingo_Dog - 10-04-2009

Welcome LV lad.

You and I will be great buddies. SmileSmile

RE: Who the heck am I? - Elektrisk - 10-04-2009

Welcome to SF!