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What TV series are you currently watching?
I myself, am currently watching Dexter and The Office. I'm very into both shows. The Office is quite humorous, and Dexter is very interesting.

Of course, I watch other TV shows, but these are the ones I've just started to get into.

So, what TV series are you watching, Support Forums?
I'm more into CSI than anything else, but it's mostly due to that being the career I'm pursuing. Forensic Chemistry major, ftw. Tongue
I love watching The Simpsons, it may not be a funny show anymore, but it's easy to relate to any I enjoy watching it with my family. It's one of my favorite shows and I've been watching it for as long as I can remember.
I watch Family Guy, and Monk which recently ended Sad
Both are great shows;
Family Guy - Hilarious
Monk - Interesting and mysterious
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I've actually, in the past few days, been interested in "White Collar, Royal Pains, and Covert Affairs." Pretty neat shows, lol.
I've been watching Treme and Misfits.
I have been trying to watch Jersey Shore from the UK.
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