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I need a new t.v. series to watch.
Hey guys. Well, I just got done watching the last episode of True Blood. I am impatiently waiting for season three to begin its production. However, in the meantime, I really want a series to begin watching. I am greatly interested in drama shows, although drama-supernatural shows are great as well. I've seen these shows:
  • The O.C. (all episodes)
  • One Tree Hill (first four seasons)
  • Bones (first three seasons)
  • Smallville (first 7 seasons and half of 8)
  • True Blood (both seasons)

There might be more, but I cannot think of them. I enjoy dramas, as you can see, but I don't mind CSI-like shows, either. My brother recommended Dollhouse, but I dunno if it seems that good. I was thinking of seeing either Everwood, Supernatural, or South of Nowhere, but I dunno. It's a tough decision :p

If y'all could recommend any sci-fi or drama shows, then I'd be pleased. Thanks a thousand.
Fringe looks good but its a bit weird and confusing, guess it would be wise to watch the first episode xD. Also, stargat universe has proven to be a very good few episodes.
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(10-08-2009, 03:22 AM)iBruteforce Wrote: Dexter.

^ I find Dexter very enjoyable. Evilgrin
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Help us help you...
You could watch: Lie to Me
Think it's a very interesting t.v. serie.
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Chuck and Nip/Tuck.
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[Drama] - 6 feet under

Are you watching online yes? Merlin is good and The Inbetweeners is very funny.
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Dexter, and there is that new one coming out on USA about the guy who the FBI let out of prison to help them find criminals. I think its call like white collar.
Dexter is good. I just recently started watching Criminal Minds. It's an awesome show on A&E. It's been on for a few years too so it'll keep you occupied.

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