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Full Version: How many domains do you have?
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I have four, but I haven't been working on a couple of them of them and I shut one down just recently.
I have a lot here:
(04-06-2010, 08:11 AM)onebot Wrote: [ -> ]I have a lot here:

Very nice. But, how in the world did you get ? Just out of luck?
I have one, and its for phishing >.<
Oh, apparently I have got no domains because I couldn't be bothered to get a domain so instead of the domain I got l33t and then just like 1-2 days later I got Ub3r in HF. I might get a domain soon though.
I have one,
Prone, what do you phish?
I phish Xbox live account and ermm I Can't say it here what else I phish Big Grin
Hmm.. I got about 5~6 domain atm but lazy to update.. =)
I have only one domain rite now
not good status i know
I own 1 domain i just got it recenly
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