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Full Version: How many domains do you have?
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I have zero domains Sad

I am looking to buy one or two from namecheap though Smile
Currently i have 5 domains . i have hosted my all domains using Linux based hosting at my hosting provider have data centers in USA, UK , Australia .
Omni this is impossible (jk)
Very nice! this is my only domain i have 3-4 parked .. They waiting for me Big Grin
I have around 13/14 active domains, had a lot more a few years back.
I own around 3 domains till now.
I currently have one domain name in my ownership, although my hosting ran out last month, so I need to renew my subscription.
Old topic but a fun one, I have over 300 domains most of which have a lifespan of 6-12months, i abandon some before they're up for registration or let most drop while aquiring new ones at about the same rate. Of the 300+ I maintain around 20 or so regularly and have done so for several years.
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