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Full Version: I found a free HD bigscreen on Kijayjay,
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but according to the owner, the "color filter" is broken. How much would it cost to have that repaired? I rather buy a working TV then risk spending $1,000 or something on a free TV.
Who knows...I'm not even sure if you can repair that...don't take my word on that though, I'm just guessing.
Hmmm, thanks for the help, I guess.
Well I'm not certain how much it would cost to repair or if it's even possible to, but if it's free and all you have to do is pay shipping then it would probably be worth it just to see.
It sounds expensive, hard to replace and find. That's most likely the reason he is getting rid of it. I wouldn't do it unless you plan on selling it locally for a few bucks to someone who wants to fix it.
I would go and ask for an appraisal at a store like visions, best buy, or futureshop. If it's only a few hundred bucks, go for it.
Color filter? So it is a projection style TV correct? If it is, then it's a minor repair.
I doubt it would be free if it could easily be replaced. You could get it just to find out but don't get your hopes up too much.
This can rack up in the price. I have a tv in my room 52 in. and it needs repaired, It probably will coast me 200 dollars.. But I bought a new 62 in. So Yeah..
If it's free, you should just take it, and salvage whatever you can. My friend takes the parts out of old computers, and resells them for a little bit of money.

You can go ask a technician on whether you can get the filter fixed or not.
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