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Full Version: I found a free HD bigscreen on Kijayjay,
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I'm putting some educated guess-work into this, it should work pretty well. First we need to break it down from how much the TV cost. Lets say it cost the guy $1000 for the TV; all of the pieces would be included in the price, as well as marketing and other such costs. So I'd say at most it would be around $250 for the piece (if even), and then you'd need to find someone who could properly remove the old one and reinstall it. But this all depends on if that TV brand is still in production or a similar piece to replace it.
I found a big screen TV on the side of the road once, didn't work but sold some parts for a quick buck.
Just sell it on ebay, or just salvage the parts and sell those.
How big actually is it?
It's free , you shoudn't complain , if you cant fix it , take it to a pawn shop , free money!
Nice find buddy ! hope it works

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