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Full Version: Your Favorite breed of dog?
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Westie Terrior FTW Big Grin
Sooo cute ^^
I've always liked small dogs, like the pug. I've got a Boston Terrier right now, n she's spoiled rotten! lol
I like Golden Retriever's.
I like German Shepard's, and Border Collies.
I like mutt dogs...the last dog I had was a mutt but I loved him. He was huskey, chow, rottweiler and golden retriever. Right now my family is dog sitting my uncles dog and he's a labadoodle. He's pretty cool put is so damn small lol.
I like Border Collies and golden retriever.
My favorite dog is a Pug, i really want to get one but i already have a dog.
I love puppy golden retrievers, german shepards or labs. I also love huskies.
I'm allergic to fur, so I've always had hair dogs. I love my shih-tzu Ashley.
I like small dogs, so I go for a Westie Teriior. Soooo cuteeee =)
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