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Full Version: Your Favorite breed of dog?
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I like German Shepherds, they're a really nice dog.
I also like small dogs.
Westie Teriior, I love them.
I like pugs the bets because they are cute and small. But i also like big dogs like Sheppard's and labs.
I would probably have to say huskies, of all the huskies, I would pick an Alaskan Malamute.
I love Pit Bulls.
My favorite kind is a Beago, a golden retriever / beagle.
Definitely a siberian husky, they are cute loveable and overall just amazing dogs. I really want to get one soon so i can love him forever <3
Bulldog. I have a few friends with them and when I am out of college I plan on getting one of my own.
golden Retrievers <3<3<3
German Shepards are the best in my opinion!
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