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Report window opens fullscreen.
For some reason, when I go to report a post, it opens in fullscreen. This happens on SF and HF. I un-maximized the window, but the windows keep opening fullscreen anyway. Any way to fix this?
You probably have a bad setting for popups. Check it.
Superman I am here to rescue you.
This is Support Forums not Support PMs.  Do not PM me for support unless it's private and site related.
Same thing happens to me on FireFox.

But Google Chrome is fine for me.

Did you try a different browser?
[Image: purpavery.jpg]
Working fine for me. Smile
<3 Support forums.
[Image: 2m5nh9k.png]
It does the same with me. But I don't mind...
[Image: 58iH.gif]
It works fine for me. I recommend switching browsers.
It was doing this in Chrome and Firefox.
However, the problem randomly fixed itself :|
I don't have this issue in IE. It opens normally for me so it must be the browser.
Next time it does it, it was probably cause by it being maximized and widened.

Next time, un maximize it by clicking the on [] and drag your cursor to the outline border and you just be-able to adjust it.

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