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Free Advanced Port Scanner SOURCE [ VB.NET ]
Hello Members of SF,

I am giving away my advanced Portscanner.
I edited the source with a lot of features i use to sell it but it din't sell well.
The source is made in VB.NET 2010. This is a open source so it means i don't need any copyrights.

Its a update from the a portscanner i found.
With more features. Please quit the posts its not yours i made a lot of changes and it works much better.

Link :

[Image: portscanner.gif]

Any kind of thanks is appreciated.

Credits :
Thanks to uitklapbare eekhoorn . For telling me there was a wrong line.
Doesn't look bad, but there is no download link or code tags or anything...
(05-31-2011, 11:40 AM)KoBE Wrote: Doesn't look bad, but there is no download link or code tags or anything...

Sorry i provided it from a link.
i can not download it, can you send it to my e-mail
I have never understood these. If i trace the IP of a website, it should use port 80, right?

Ports for xbox live will use 3074, so if i trace my IP Address will a port 3074 come up? How does this work> ill go ahead and download this, and play around w/ it Tongue
[Image: iddyEs.png]
Meh theres alot of these allready but whatever
This is not yours.

Nice try, just as well you didn't try and sell it.
[Image: image.php]

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