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How/Why do/did you choose your Username?
It's my name.
(10-23-2010, 10:49 AM)Sam Wrote: It's my name.

How could you post a too short post
Just askinng Tongue
My TECH Blog:- http://www.gujjufreak.com
Twicks = Twix = my favorite candy! lol
I like my name. If I didn't I could just change it anyway.
Someone with no history is nothing but suspicious.
I choose FireTech because[/align] it's my in-game name on steam lol Tongue
My profession, you can call me a pothead, 'nuff said
Been my online name for games and everything else for awhile now.
"Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back".
[Image: siggy.png]
MSN: Xzotic@live.com
Slim because im slim. And death from supernatural death song aka ripper.
I compiled them so slimdeath Big Grin
That's really weird,Ninja
When I was in high school, i needed a username... clicked on a random username generator, it came up with thegenie69 or something like that. Took off the 69 and wahla. Sometimes I use the name KoBE, which i like better, but I decided to go with GENie for now on SF.
Kind of embarrassing to be honest...

Basically I wanted a name which had an impact on people, something that stood out. So I went along the road of thinking of fire-like, destructive kind of user names. I quite liked some of the Pokemon names such as Magmar.
Then Fragma popped into my head, I knew I'd heard it before but wasn't entirely sure where, (Googled it and it turned out to be a German Dance project who sang "Miracle"), which was quite embarrassing.
But I stuck with it because It sounds like Frag (As in a frag grenade) and Magmar (Being a fire Pokemon) merged.

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