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How/Why do/did you choose your Username?
Post the reason as to why you choose your username you currently have.

Why did I choose l3g1twa5te? Because I am l3g1t, and I thought it would be confusing a bit lol, l3g1twa5te? How is waste legit, you would say? Exactly, I'm so ub3r + l3g1t that I make waste l3g1t ;)

Now why did you choose your username?

Special reason behind it? Explain Big Grin
[Image: t5BWm.png]
Just because I like it.
[Image: gfxbanner.png]
I used NoErrorCode as my username for a few years (different story) and people started calling me NEC, I liked it and went for it.
[Image: MpzF8.gif]
I chose my username because i am what it says. Yay!
Because that's where I'm from, and I like it like that.
I chose it when I was young because it's "such a cool word and idea". Now I've just stuck with it because thats my alias online for everything and it's too late to change it. I like it but I don't because it's very generic.
Are you trolling me? I don't care. Your thread may help someone that was too embarrassed to ask.
Because its my mw2 clan psn.
[Image: psychois21.png]
My username = My real name.
Well I was 13 and needed a username for a game called VMK. Back then I really liked the show Lilo and Stitch and Stitch Rocks. Well they wouldn't accept StitchRocks so i flipped the letters and got StitchRokcs and have used it ever since. The reason why i wont change it back is because its kind of like my "Signature" now.
I am really happy with my username.
I am a Gujarati (google it)
So my college friends call me GuJJu.
I am Proud of it. Smile
My TECH Blog:- http://www.gujjufreak.com

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