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What Instruments Do You Know How To Play?
I play drums, one song on the harmonica, and a bit of keyboard
[Image: ZR3Tr.png]
I do most of my music via keyboard/synthesizers now. But I used to play the violin and I pretty much play anything I want : /

IMHO, a melody is a melody is a melody. It's just different with another medium.

You can listen to some examples here.
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I play the trombone, violin, and drums.
[Image: travy.png]
I play the drums and guitar, but I'm very new to the guitar. Lol.
I know how to play Acoustic Guitar, Drums and Piano.
I used to play a bit of saxophone but quit, it was cutting into my toking time Smile
Ever tried packing a bowl into your sax?
Aut viam inveniam aut faciam.

I play the drums, and a small bit of bass guitar. Cybr, why'd you leave behind the drums?
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(08-01-2010, 01:44 AM)Cybr Wrote: Ever tried packing a bowl into your sax?

Is it bad if I've actually seen one of my friends try that? Epic fail, btw. Roflmao
I've been playing drums for about 2 years.

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