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[FPS] Open Arena v0.8.1 + v0.8.5 patch? [Ubuntu 10.04]
I have downloaded the game Open Arena v0.8.1, on Linux Ubuntu 10.04.
I downloaded it through the software center, i want to know how to apply the v0.8.5 patch on Linux. I need to know where and how do i download and apply the patch, in detail. I have googled around a bit but can't figure it out. I have searched on but can't find what i need. I can still play multiplayer online and have been, but i need to get this patch installed. I think I'm addicted to this game Smile

Sudo apt-get install update or upgrade. Can't remember which atm. should work. If upgrade you need to add the packages name.
I think it's been patched. If not i will just play this game on windows, i have patched it there.

Lock requested by OP.

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