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What Do You Think Of Ubuntu

What are your honest opinions on Ubuntu

What is Ubuntu?

I'ts a computer operating system, based on the Debian Linux distribution. It's named after the southern African ethical ideology Ubuntu.

Where can i get Ubuntu from?

Ubuntu, is a free open source for everyone to download, you can get it here.

What i think about Unbunto?

I think it looks extremely sexy, although it's a free source, i wish they updated it more. I don't like the fact we can't download most programs, because it's linux based.

For example, rather then us having to use *Amsn* we could use the regular msn, obviously msn having brought the rights out yet though, and probably never going to.

This is what Ubuntu looks like.

[Image: Workspace%201_025.png]

Post what you think about Ubunto honest opinions, flame/hate what ever you think, you all have your own opinion.
I use Ubuntu or Linux Mint because it is so user friendly, it is not hard to do anything in it. I used to use Arch Linux, although I enjoy setting up Arch up through commands, I always had wireless issues that I didn't have using Ubuntu.

I love Ubuntu it is great for someone starting out with Linux.
I loved it. I used it both on my personal machine and on my server machine. Very versatile, stable, and easy to use.

Easy to use...for me at least.

But now, I'm on to 10.04 and I like it very much so far.
[Image: csx47jm4kbi80w88ajnf.png]

I really like it and find it easy to use, although i still use both Linux and Windows, I'm leaning more towards Linux as the main OS.

Hmm, your background picture i really like it ha. Do you mind if i steal it and you give me the link?? Looks awsome ((:
(05-04-2010, 12:56 AM)wills Wrote: Hmm, your background picture i really like it ha. Do you mind if i steal it and you give me the link?? Looks awsome ((:

Not at all,

Imho 9.10 was most likely my last Ubuntu. Gonna have to say hi to fedora or mandriva soon.
well..guys ...i am planning to do a shift to Ubuntu after ages of using guys...
"Ubuntu with Wine software installed in it is as vulnerable as windows XP when it comes to virus infection.."
now i see u all experienced user...please tell me about this..and bout the 9.1version..
thanks guys..
[Image: 52I4m.png]
No, you can't, not unless your really really really really stupid. And i mean like you make a virus for wine, and finding a exploit for wine to escape. So unless your really really really really stupid, you should be quite fine.
lol ...i dont think i am that now...i am pretty much protected from viruses??
[Image: 52I4m.png]

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