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[Help-Tips] How to Install RAM
Yeah nice detail, thanks alot. Bookmarked for future referance.
<3 Support forums.
[Image: 2m5nh9k.png]
Thanks for your detailed tutorial! RAM is quite an easy process to install but still, there may be people that may not know how. Thanks for your helpful and useful tutorial!
Nice guide dude thanks for sharing it. Well detailed and all we need.

Pretty good detail and really nice picture. Did you take it yourself? Also I knew how to do this, just was checking if I have been doing it right all along x]
I actually needed this. I'm going to upgrade to 8GB of ram.
OP this is a copied tutorial i found it on google Sad
thanks man, u really helped me on my new pc i had 512 on my old i had 256

so i took my ram from my old pc and putit on my new one and now i have 768 you rule. do you have videos whith adding new harddrive on my pc from my old one ?
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