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Speech 3: Money
Money, it's all about the MONEY.

Life is about the MONEY. Girls? MONEY. Cars? MONEY.

From financial issues, to no money to buy Yu Gi Oh cards, lifes full of it's money woes. Overcoming is a big part of getting out of money struggling. The choice of suicide to fix your money issues won't work. It won't.

How can I deal with this? Well, if you don't have a job, go get one. Even working at a McDonalds can give you some extra cash that helps you come over debt. I'm not in any debt whatsoever, and I'm lucky for it. A few years ago, I was around $10,000 in debt. Here was my steps to overcoming:

I did some good planning on how I was going to make the money. I worked my ass off. I had 3 jobs, two in person, one online. I'm not saying work 3 jobs, but I'm saying, it's time for a change. If you recently got laid off from your job, there's usually unemployment insurance. I know in the state of Minnesota there is one. Try to get that.

Obviously, you're probably not going to win the lottery. But there is steps that you need to do. Try to get a job? That fails? Get unemployment insurance. Do a job ONLINE, you can't get denied from doing online stuff. Set a goal, and BELIEVE you can do it. In this economy, you slacking, could lead to you on the streets. I've been to the streets, lived on the streets, don't do it. I wish I had a better past, but I don't.

This wasn't more of a speech, more of tips on how to get out of debt. Who knows.

Comments, concerns, questions?
What jobs do you do online? And what jobs can a person do online?
I agree with you, I'm currently in 10k of debt also but i work 52 hours a week and by the end of this year I will have payed it off. Life is a struggle and money is a bitch, so give your job 100%, don't waste your money on alcohol and drugs and plan. Draw up a budget and try and sort it all out, theres nothing worse then not knowing if your going to make it through the next week.
Got extra cash in the bank...put in your savings account, don't go to maccas...make a cheap home cooked meal. There's literally 100's of ways to save cash and put a dint in the debt your in.
Another nice one.
I'm still life with my mom. And I will stay there for yet a view years Smile
And I'm doing a good school thing... so I don't really have something to worry about... Lucky me. Tongue
I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it
It's not always about money .
(03-03-2010, 02:07 AM)Sp33D™ Wrote: It's not always about money .

Stop spamming the board with comments that lead no where.
Can't agree more, i am currently in stressful situation because of the fact that soon i will be taking student loan for University/college if get accepted and i am afraid of not being able to pay off the debt if i didn't get a job after graduating.
From a technical perspective everything does boil down to money. You need money to pay for sustenance, you need money for transportation, you even need money to get money.
[Image: b7yj2x.png]
You are absolutely right money is every thing and money is girls, car and all.
No money no honey, Without money you are not funny. What you say guys...

I am working at software company, But after the end of week I need to come out in serach of money, Hows that time is...!

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