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SAN vs NAS: The Comprehensive Guide with A Detailed Comparison
[Image: SAN_vs_NAS_The_Comprehensive_Guide_with_...arison.jpg]

Both NAS (network-attached storage) and SAN (storage area network) were created to fix the issue of making saved data or information available to several users at the same time. When we talk about SAN vs NAS, the storage area network shares the storage to a dedicated network, and network-attached storage shares the storage over a shared network. However, both provide dedicated storage solutions for many customers and work on the same mission by adopting different ways.

NAS is comparatively affordable because it serves files over Ethernet and simple to set up, but SAN is a closely coupled network of several devices that operate with block-based information. SAN is significantly more costly and complicated to set up and handle. NAS devices seem like volumes onto a document server and utilize NFS and SMB/CIFS protocols, whereas SAN-connected disks appear to the user as local drives.

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