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I need a Dedicated server to use it as VPS Host
Hello everyone .
Actually i'm searching for a service provider to purchase a dedicated server .
I have to inform you, that i want to use this server to create several number of VPSs to sell to my clients, hence it should probably supports number of IPs
Is there anyone out there to help me to find the best and cheapest provider?
Is good one?
I have to thank you all in advance and any suggestion would be appreciated .
#2 is a good one. But they are providing mostly EU based locations.
If you want to have good US based solution than have a look at:
Servers from and are well-balanced and cheap.
They know what they're doing and they're nice about it when you don't have a clue.
The code: QHOSTERSHARED60OFF3Y for 60% OFF for all Shared Hosting with 3-year plans, including Resellers!
The code: QHOSTERBIGSAVE2YR for 40% OFF for all VPS Hosting with 2-year plans! hosting is affordable, the customer service is top notch, and they genuinely care about my little blog out there in Cyber space.
Recommend decent web host to other webmasters - HIGHLY! It is great. I got absolutely awesome hosting for a very cheap price.
I have used to host my small ecommerce site for several years. I have had excellent service and no problems.
I would recommend them. My server and all my websites are always up and responsive.

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