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Miele - the best vacuum cleaner brand– REVIEW
Ergonomic design and durable performance are all things we need for a good vacuum cleaner. Miele is a popular name in many of the Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners. Although this brand is only famous for its canister vacuum models, its products are always of the highest quality available on the market. So, what makes Miele successful? This article will help you answer this question.

Miele has 3 series, C1, C2, and C3, each of them has specific features suited for a group of customers. Classic C1 series is recommended for homes with bare floors such as hardwood floors, marble floors and rubber floors. This series has a powerful 1200-watt motor system, and provides the strongest suction power on the market today. With a filter bag capacity up to 4.5 liters, and 6-speed modes, it is suitable for a quite large house. It is not only good for hard floors, but the C1 series is also a good choice for low and medium-pile carpet with a five-level height adjustment floorhead. Unlike other canister vacuums, the C1 vacuum has a floorhead that rotates 180°, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as under sofas and beds, an tight corners.

[Image: l1mOc5Z.jpg]

For pet owners and allergy sufferers, the active charcoal filter can hold more than 90% of lung-damaging particles and allergens like pet hair, pollen, dust, dirt, and absorbs odors. With these features, it is not surprising that the C1 products are always on the top-rated vacuums list of many e-commerce sites.

If the Classic C1 series has a powerful suction power, the Compact C2 series is the best choice for pet owners and allergy sufferers. Like the C1 series, C2 products have six-stage speed modes but the suction power is only 1100 W. But instead of a strong motor there is a perfect filter system. With the AirClean Sealed system and HEPA filter (Class 13 under EN 1822/2011), C2 cleaners can contain over 99% of dust, dirt, and allergens like pollen and pet hair.

To help you clean your hard floors easily, the products of this series are equipped SBB Parquet-3 pure suction floorhead fit for large area rugs, and even wall-to-wall carpeting. About the size, the C2 series is smaller than the C1 series, so you can store and transport it easily.

The last member of the Miele family is the Complete C3. According to the advertising claims of Miele, C3 is the complete package and ideal for deep-pile carpet. Like the C1 series, C3 vacuums are equipped with a powerful motor, up to 1200 W. Besides, the SEB 228 Electro Plus Electrobrush with five levels of height adjustment, allow you clean deep-pile carpet or other soft surfaces.

[Image: 5vkGE5D.jpg]

With SBB300-3 floorhead that is the next version of the C1 floor head, C3 vacuums can rotate 180° and clean any angles and corners. One interesting thing is the STB 101 Mini Turbobrush. This brush is ideal for removing crumbs and pet hair from the furnishings. Unlike the C2 series, Complete C3 only has an Active AirClean Filter, but it is enough to neutralize and absorb the odors. Besides, C3 products have lots of accessories for multi-surface cleaning.


Miele is one of the Top rated best vacuum cleaners, and each of their series suit a specific group of customers. With such a wide range of products to select from, you can easy to choose the right vacuum cleaner suit for your house.


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